The Pet X Talks in the Inspirational category share story that inspire and enlighten. From historical to inspirational, the pet world is certainly filled with stories that move us all.

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Kate Kelly – The Story Of America’s First Seeing Eye Dog

Kate Kelly gives us a Pet X Talk about the story America’s first seeing eye dog. Listen as Kate Kelly tells the inspiring historical story of Dorothy Eustis, Morris Frank & Buddy and how they literally changed the world.

The efforts and determination of these remarkable people and dogs inspired change in laws, attitudes and efforts to continue to improve the world for everyone who needs and benefits from seeing eye dogs and other working dogs.

Dr. Ken Tudor – The History of Pet Food In America

Dr. Ken Tudor gives us a Pet X Talk about the history of America’s pet food. Listen as Dr. Tudor tells the interesting historical story of the beginnings of pet food through today and how a lightening rod salesman was struck by an idea and changed the way that many of our pets are fed.

Debra Jo Chiapuzio – Pet Oxygen Masks – Saving Pet Lives

What are Pet Oxygen Masks and why are they important? Have you ever wondered how Firefighters resuscitate pets after a fire? Does you local fire department have the proper equipment? How can you be sure and help place them there if not?

Debra Jo Chiapuzio, a proud pet parent, encountered those same questions. She, like most pet parents, were shocked to find that her local fire department did not have the equipment or training needed to save her pets, which are an important part of her family. So, she found the Emma Zen Foundation and her Team O2 efforts have placed life saving Pet Oxygen masks in hundreds of Fire Departments. Listen as she shares her story and inspiration.

For more information about Debra Jo Chiapuzio and The Emma Zen Foundation visit:

Meg Harrison – Flower Essences – Natural Pet Remedies

Meg Harrison gives us a Pet X Talk about Flower Essences. Listen as Flower Essence Guru & Expert, Meg Harrison, discusses what flower essences are, their natural impact and the many situations she has used them – from everyday pet issues to severe pet injuries and calamities, flower essences have made an impact.

Flower Essences are entirely plant-based products. Remedies are extremely easy to use:

A few drops in dogs, cats or horses’ drinking water, food, treats, on pets’ bedding, toys, crate, carriers, kennel or mist the animals’ environment — IT’S THAT EASY!

Veterinarians, trainers, groomers, competitors, rescue organizations, equine dentists, farriers, animal shelters, and sanctuaries use BlackWing Farms’ Flower Essences & Remedies with incredible results, helping modify behavior permanently.

For more information about Meg Harrison visit: