Pet X Talks – Pet Experts Empowering Pet Parents!

Pet X Talks is an ever growing collective of Pet Experts sharing their knowledge, stories, inspiration and information with Pet Parents.

Pet Experts from every part of the Pet World are welcomed, respected and encouraged to share their expertise directly with Pet Parents.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:What are Pet X Talks?

A: Pet X Talks are maximum 10 Minute talks from a pet expert on a topic that pet parents are interested in.  It can be done by anyone who is a pet expert and / or has expertise in the topic they are speaking on.  After the presentation, a short Q & A will take place.  The talks will be filmed and shared on a variety of mediums with pet parents around the pet world.

Q: How can I do a Pet X Talk?

A: If you would like to present a Pet X Talk, send us your topic, outline and contact information and we will review it and respond quickly.  To become a speaker send us an e-mail to: speakers@petxtalks.com

Q: What are the topics for Pet X Talks?

A: It can be any topic relevant to the pet world.  From Veterinarians to authors to regular pet parents, expertise can be found anywhere.  It might be about a medical, scientific or behavioral topic.  It could be about nutrition, training or an inspiring story that imparts wisdom, encouragement and is moving to pet parents.  If you think you have an expertise or story that other pet parents should know, let us know about it.  While we can’t cover every expert topic and story, we’re sure going to try.

Q: Why is Pet X Talks needed?

A: Pet World Media Group and Pet X Talks founder, Robert Semrow, has had the honor to meet, interview and share expertise, stories and advice in all areas of the pet world of the past few years and it became clear that we needed a visual way to connect pet experts with pet parents and in a open setting. Many pet world experts are not offered the platform to speak even in their own specialties and if they are, they are often speaking to their peers.  We all agree that the important information they have to share should be heard by pet parents everywhere, but that has not been possible due to industry politics, restrictions and other issues that will not dissuade Pet X Talks.  So, we will welcome pet experts, leaders, difference makers and anyone with an important story to share with Pet Parents.

Q: Where are you filming these talks and how often?

A: We are filming Pet X Talks continually in our Southern California studios.  We are also filming across the U.S. as our production team appears at different events around the country.

Q: Is there a cost to do a Pet X Talk?

A: No.  We are not charging our experts, nor are we paying our experts.  We are putting our money and efforts in to filming and producing as many Pet X Talks as we can.

Q: Is Pet X Talks independent or is it owned by a big pet industry company?

A: Pet X Talks is independently owned by Pet World Media Group.  Pet X Talks welcomes partnerships and sponsorships with companies and foundations — However, we retain complete discretion over all aspects of content, topics and speakers.  Pet X Talks is not responsible for the opinions, information or topic matter discussed by Pet X Talk speakers.   Pet X Talks has no bans on any topic.   If  we have not covered a topic of interest to you, please suggest a speaker who can do it justice! We are always looking for new pet centric ideas, topics and speakers.

Q: Will you be holding live events featuring Pet X Talks?

A: It is certainly something we hope to grow in to in the future and are already discussing the possibilities with a number of pet industry events and companies.  If you or your company have an interest in putting on a live Pet X Talks event please contact us at: info@petxtalks.com

Q: Is this Pet X Talks part of Pet World Insider?

A: Pet World Media Group owns and produces Pet World Insider and will continue to produce Pet world Insider Radio & Video.  In 2013, Pet World Insider produced 75 videos that were watched more than 3.5 million times.  Also, The Pet World Insider Radio show is nationally syndicated by two networks and continues to have incredible pet centric guests each week.  Pet World Media Group also produces exclusive pet centric content for pet companies and media companies.  Pet World Media Group also has several pet centric shows and documentaries in production.


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